Tracking coffee intake with touchatag and Lifestyleapps Apr 03, 2009

I have bought a touchatag RFID reader and a couple of touchatag RFID tags and was wondering how I could use these to track my daily intake in lifestyleapps.

I noticed a Twitter application already has been developed which post a message from a configured account. Since lifestyleapps already integrate with Twitter it was a simple matter of associating a direct message and prefixing it with “h” or “having” to let lifestyleapps know you are reporting an intake.

Many cups of coffee are consumed on a daily basis by me and I thought I would make tracking this easier for myself by configuring a touchatag with a Twitter message of “d reporting having Coffee, instant, prepared with water”. This means “d” for direct message, “reporting” for the Twitter user receiving our message (used by lifestyleapps), “having” to tell lifestyleapps you are reporting an intake and “Coffee, instant, prepared with water” to make lifestyleapps look up this specific intake and figuring out its nutrition values.

Now whenever I drink a cup of coffee I just need to place my coffee mug on a touchatag reader and it will automatically trigger a Twitter message which will be read by lifestyleapps. And this can by done using no code at all.

This is a pretty sweet thing and I’m planning to put a couple of tags on my breakfast food items since I almost eat the same breakfast every morning. It would be nice to be able to just put a bottle of milk, a bag of bread and a jar of jam on my reader to track my breakfast within lifestyleapps.

If you don’t know about lifestyleapps you are welcome to sign up for a free account at lifestyleapps [update - this is now defunct].