Lesson learned: Put limits on anything you provide for free Aug 25, 2010

With our ShoutSMS service, we provide three free sms credits just for signing up. We do this to allow new users to try our service, without having to buy initial credits, just after they sign up.


After initial launch, we almost immediately got people from India hitting our servers. They signed up, confirmed their number and tried to send overtaxed sms to various numbers. Because I had chosen an initial credit limit and a max cost limit on each sms, it was avoided. I know from my previous work at ZYB, that unlimited sms and unlimited cost/sms is not something you want to offer.

ShoutSMS does tracking of all sms messages sent to prevent fraud. Users are currently not able to see this statistic themselves, but we are working on adding this ability in a future update. This will allow users to track how many messages were delivered and to which country.

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