An error occurred while validating. HRESULT = '8001010E' Feb 11, 2011

Just a quick tip. While upgrading one of my projects from VS.NET 2008 to VS.NET 2010 I ran into a problem I wasn’t able to find a correct solution for it anywhere.

While building my setup projects I got:

An error occurred while validating. HRESULT = ‘8001010E’

Various posts suggested to remove all dependencies but in my case it was caused by an invalid reference to the framework. This is what I did to have it compile again:

  • Right-click .vdproj
  • Select “View” | “Launch Conditions”
  • Right-click “.NET Framework”
  • Select “Properties Window”
  • Expand “Version” dropdown
  • Select correct framework e.g. if it is currently set to “3.5.1234” you might select a similar in the dropdown list i.e. “.NET Framework 3.5”.

Maybe it might help you as well.