How to hide icon in your dock for any Mac application Apr 30, 2011

Just got a beta of a Mac notifier for Podio and didn’t like it showed both an icon in my menubar and my dock (sometimes also referred to as the taskbar). If you want to avoid having any Mac application shown in your dock, it’s possible to patch its package by doing these simple steps

  • Open Finder and browse to your application
  • Right-click the file and select “Show Package Content”
  • Browse to “Contents” and open “Info.plist”

If you find an element called “Application is agent (UIElement)” you can mark its checkbox. If it does not exist you should add it by clicking “Add Item”, enter “LSUIElement” and mark the checkbox.

Now save your Info.plist file and restart the application.

Done. The dock icon is now hidden.

Just a warning .. this might not work for all applications e.g. if the application contains a menu that will only show the application is focused. So if you can’t access a window for that application through its menubar icon you are out of luck.