Revived Baby Art on the App Store May 13

After not having updated Baby Art for years, it was removed from the Apple App Store. I initially created this app as a very simple drawing tool for the iPad, designed for my daughter when she was still a baby.

The idea was simple: open the app and the baby can draw with their fingers in various colors and shapes. It automatically changes colors and shapes with each stroke and also randomly plays some baby sounds.

Recently, I decided to revive it. Ten years ago, all the drawing handling had to be done manually. It was a lot of work back then, but with the introduction of PencilKit on iPadOS, it’s now incredibly simple. I decided to remove much of my custom code and use PencilKit.

I’m even considering open-sourcing this project too.

Anyway, if you have a baby or toddler, you should definitely check out Baby Art.