Color Browser

A FREE Google Chrome look-alike browser for private, full screen browsing needs.

When you browse the web, Safari stores information about the websites you visit, including the content and any user names and passwords you enter. Other people who use your iPad can view that information. If you don’t want this information stored, use this free application.

Webpages are not added to your history list, the names of downloads are not listed, AutoFill information isn’t saved, and searches are not added to the pop-up menu in the search field.

Any changes made to cookies are discarded when you quit the application.


  • 100% private browsing
  • Very fast
  • Free with no ads while browsing
  • Both landscape and portrait mode supported

How does it work?

When you close your application, all traces of your browsing will disappear including your browsing history, cookies, bookmarks, images and videos. Next time the application is started, it’s back to a fresh start.