FillOut Manager

FillOut Manager is a program, which enables you to fill out e.g. internet forms very fast. Drag your text directly from FOM and drop it into the edit-control you want to have filled. It’s also possible to drag&drop multiple lines of data at once.

FillOut Manager screenshot

You’re probably typed in a lot of redundant information in various forms. When you use FillOut Manager, you only have to type it once.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a serious problem with FillOut Manager and Windows 98 or Internet Explorer 5.0 installations. You are able to fix the above problem by hiding FOMs status bar. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Select View menu
  • Uncheck Status bar menuitem


A Windows Help file is included with the package. Open this help file inside FillOut Manager by selecting Contents from the Help-menu. Furthermore, I’ve created a small tutorial to get started quickly. The tutorial is available right here.


MARCH 7 ’98

  • Added ‘Select All Data’ feature
  • Now saves state and position of Toolbars
  • Added ‘Contents’ menu item in Help menu
  • Added Help file
  • You can now drag a Group and when dropped, all items in Group are dropped
  • Minor change in About-box


  • Fixed bug when sending data to same window multiple times


  • First release


FillOut Manager has been reviewed by ZD Net, but was judge hard – received only 3 of 5 stars. Obviously, the “reviewer” must have had a very bad day. Anyway, here’s what they say:

“Fillout Manager is a freeware 32-bit program that’s been designed to help you fill out Internet forms faster. Using its Explorer-liked two-paned hierarchical interface, just drag and drop information into your Web browser or another program. Fillout Manager can also be used to compile personal info, bookmark your favorite URL’s (several are preloaded), or even used to jot down random thoughts.”


Name File Size
FillOut Manager 1.02 zipped 264 kb
FillOut Manager – Beginners Tutorial (updated 08/24/99) fom-tutorial.txt 3 kb