Iquomi is an acronym for Intelligent Querying On Managed Infrastructure and its basic idea is to provide a set of components for building services.

These components are:

  1. Data distribution
  2. Licensing
  3. Authentication, Authorization & Encryption
  4. Notifications
  5. Scripting / Object Libraries
  6. Reporting

Refer to design overview for more details.

Available Services

  1. IqAlerts
  2. IqApplicationSettings
  3. IqCalendar
  4. IqCategories
  5. IqContacts
  6. IqFavorites
  7. IqLists
  8. IqLocations
  9. IqPresence
  10. IqProfile
  11. IqServices
  12. IqSharewareProduct
  13. IqSms
  14. IqWallet

Open Source

The project is open source and can be found on GitHub. The project is written in C# and uses SQL Server as the database.


  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • .NET


The project is licensed under the MIT license.