Molly: Memory Game

Are you ready to put your memory to the ultimate test? Dive into the world of this memory game, where your cognitive skills will be challenged like never before. Inspired by the timeless classic, Simon, Molly offers a captivating game experience for players of all ages.

Molly, the memory game start screenshot

How to play

Molly is simple yet addictive. Watch carefully as a sequence of colors and sounds is displayed. Your task is to memorize the sequence and play it back in the correct order. As you progress, the sequences become longer and more complex, pushing your memory to its limits.


  • Classic Simon gameplay: Enjoy the familiar and beloved gameplay of Simon with a fresh twist.
  • Increasing difficulty: Start with easy sequences and gradually face more challenging ones.
  • Beautiful design: Stunning and colorful graphics make the game visually appealing.
  • Catchy sounds: Each color is paired with a unique sound, enhancing your memory challenge.
  • No ads & no in-app purchases: Enjoy a completely uninterrupted gaming experience without any ads or the need for additional purchases.
  • User-friendly interface: Simple and intuitive design ensures a smooth gaming experience.


  • Improve memory: Boost your memory and cognitive skills through fun and engaging gameplay.
  • Perfect for all ages: Suitable for kids, adults, and seniors alike.
  • Fun and relaxing: Enjoy a game that is both entertaining and relaxing, perfect for unwinding or sharpening your mind.

Whether you’re looking to train your brain, enjoy a trip down memory lane, or simply have fun, Molly the Memory Game is the perfect choice for you.

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