RGB Color Box

This little HTML-utility for Windows 95 is used to generate BODY-tags for your HTML-documents. You have then the possibility for saving your color selections in a colorscheme. RCB also supports tiled background images (note! only bmp’s). Remember that this program is Freeware what means you have unlimited right to use it.

RGB Color Box screenshot

Here follows a online guide to get started with RGB Color Box (even though Quick Help! has been added in version 1.2)

To the right you see the main screen where all the action takes place. In the Tag Picker-window, you choose what tag you want to modify – options are : background, text, new link, visited link or active link. When you have chosen the tag, you can slide the bars in the Color Picker-window to hit the color you want. After you have made your mind you can click on the Generate Body Tag-button in the Body Tag-window. If you want to select a color from your windows default colors, you first choose which tag you want to give the color, and then you press Ctrl-P or select Tools, Windows Color Picker. If you want to have a background in you BODY-tag, then select the menu Tools, and then select Show Backgrounds?. Then you once again select the menu Tools and this time select the menuitem Load Background (or press Ctrl-L). A dialog box appears where you can choose a bmp-file you want to use as a background. When you selects OK in the dialog box the background is shown in the Sample Homepage-window.

When you want to use your tag you click on the Generate Body Tag-button (if visible). Then you can either press Ctrl-T to copy the whole body tag or you can select all the text in the Body Tag-window and press Ctrl-C. Finally you can modify the text in the Body Tag-window (ex. delete the path for a picture), and the press Ctrl-T.

If you have made a great scheme you want to reuse another time, then select the menu Schemes, and then Save A Scheme – or simply press Ctrl-S. Another dialog box will appears, where you have to give your color file a name. Remember that the extension hcp is added to the file if you don’t write it yourself. When you want to open a previously saved scheme you press Ctrl-O or select Schemes, Load A Scheme.

Thanks to The Color Manipulation Device 2.0 from Flux for the inspiration.

If you find any bugs in the program or if you have any ideas for further improvements then don’t hesitate to contact me

Updated in version 1.4: (Released August 13 ’96)

  • HTML Color Picker has changed to The RGB Color Box
  • And… (surprise) some minor design changes.

Updated in version 1.3: (Released July 26 ’96)

  • Quicker center text
  • Load Background code update

Updated in version 1.21: (Released July 20 ’96)

  • Confirm for Reset All-command
  • Centers text correctly in Sample Homepage-window
  • Added shortcuts for all functions
  • Again some minor design changes

Updated in version 1.2: (Released July 17 ’96)

  • Added Quick
  • Change Tags in sample
  • Minor design

Updated in version 1.1: (Released July 16 ’96)

  • Tiled bitmaps (bmp)
  • Shortcut for Load Background (Ctrl-L) added
  • Minor design changes


Download RGB Color Box 1.4 (right click on filename and select ‘Save Target As…’)