Today, we have taken over development of ConquerCam Mar 19, 2009

Today, we have taken over development of ConquerCam. ConquerCam is a low-priced (less than twenty bucks) webcam software package for Windows having quite a few cool features such as built-in web server, motion detection and scheduled uploads via FTP.

Main ConquerCam application window

ConquerCam was initially developed by me back in 1998 and at that time it was surely one of the very best in its category. Lacking time I stopped active development in 2003 but didn’t really give up on it since I continued to get feedback. ConquerCam is still being downloaded by 100+ users a day so I know it is still popular though it is now behind some of its competitors.

That will change now! ConquerCam will be developed professionally starting April 1th and that will generate some faster release-cycles in the future. This is great news for ConquerCam and its user-base out there.

For more information about ConquerCam visit /conquercam