Released "Molly: Memory Game" as a very simple Simon clone May 27

With the help from AI it’s now easier than every to build small, useful games. I just talked with my daughter the other day about the game “Simon” which she didn’t know. I told her it was a pretty simple game showing four colors which would light up in a sequence. You then have to remember the sequence and each time you will get one more color added to that sequence.

I downloaded four clones from the App Store .. but all of them were either showing an ad after each play or was just too complicated.

So I sad down the same evening and made the basic of a Simon clone .. and called it “Molly” instead.

I decided to push it to the App Store on both iPhone and iPad but don’t want to push it for free because free on the App Store automatically means lots of 💩 commercials and/or tracking. I don’t want that and have nothing of that sort in this game.

Grab it on the App Store now for $1.49.