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Jul 08, 2022

Simon Says game app: Classic memory fun for iPhone and iPad

Simon Says has been a beloved game for generations, captivating players with its simple yet challenging gameplay. In today’s digital world, this classic game has found new life in the form of mobile apps, bringing the excitement of Simon Says to our smartphones and tablets. The origins of Simon Says Simon Says originated as a children’s game, where one player takes on the role of “Simon” and issues commands to other players. The catch? Players should only follow commands that begin with “Si...

Jun 21, 2021

Kids playing Simon: Fun and brain-boosting benefits

In the age of smartphones and digital distractions, finding activities that engage children in a fun yet educational way can be challenging. Enter Simon, an electronic game that has stood the test of time since its introduction in 1978. With its simple yet captivating design, Simon continues to be a beloved game among children. But beyond the fun and excitement, playing Simon offers several cognitive benefits for young minds. How Simon works Simon is deceptively simple. The game features fo...

Jun 18, 2021

The story of Simon, the original memory game

The original Simon Inventor Ralph Baer is best known for creating the first video game system, but his contributions extend much further. In 1975, Baer started an independent consulting business and began working with Marvin Glass & Associates in Chicago, a toy design firm responsible for some of the most successful American toys of the 20th century. Baer’s role was to develop electronic toys and games, and the most famous outcome of this collaboration was Simon. Inspiration strikes Na...