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Nov 24, 2020

A modern take on journaling

A diary is a sanctuary for your daily routines, thoughts, feelings, or experiences. Traditionally, it’s organized chronologically, capturing life’s moments as they happen. While some cherish the privacy of their secret diaries, others find joy in sharing their personal stories with the world. The most famous diary, “The Diary of Anne Frank,” transcended its private nature to become an iconic literary work. The evolution from diary to blog The internet revolutionized journaling, transforming...

Nov 11, 2020

What is an Online Diary?

History Online diaries have been around since at least 1994, starting a new way for people to share their thoughts and experiences. At first, these diaries were called online journals and created communities of people sharing their daily lives. Over time, the term ‘blog’ became the common name for these journals. ‘Weblog’ was the original term, later shortened to ‘blog.’ Evolution As technology advanced, private and secure online diaries emerged. These digital diaries replaced traditional ...