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May 13, 2024

Revived Baby Art on the App Store

After not having updated Baby Art for years, it was removed from the Apple App Store. I initially created this app as a very simple drawing tool for the iPad, designed for my daughter when she was still a baby. The idea was simple: open the app and the baby can draw with their fingers in various colors and shapes. It automatically changes colors and shapes with each stroke and also randomly plays some baby sounds. Recently, I decided to revive it. Ten years ago, all the drawing handling had...

May 08, 2024

Projects page updated with screenshots

I tried to find some old screenshots of the projects and updated the projects page so it looks a bit better. I’m considering reviving some of the projects so they can get back running instead of just being the source code you’re able to see.

May 02, 2024

Building a simple Tic-Tac-Toe game

Yesterday, I found myself needing to pass some quality time with my daughter and we decided to play tic-tac-toe. To my surprise, there weren’t many options for a simple tic-tac-toe game that allowed two people to play remotely by just sharing a link. Sure you have lots of options if you download a game or want to go to a website and tap through 438 ads before playing, but I was looking for a straightforward page where you could click “new game,” and then easily invite someone to join by shari...

Apr 29, 2024

Released ConquerRSVP

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest application, ConquerRSVP, now available for MacOS users. This innovative application harnesses the power of Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) technology to revolutionize the way you read. What is RSVP? RSVP is a cutting-edge reading technique designed to enhance speed and efficiency by presenting one word at a time at a user-controlled pace. This method minimizes eye movement and reduces the time spent on conventional reading, thus ...

Apr 27, 2024

Getting back into Rails 7 from Rails 2.3 😱

I’ve decided to revisit Rails after more than a decade of not using it. I have always loved it and created many applications when I was a Ruby on Rails consultant around 15 years ago. I have over 25 RoR applications I could try to migrate from an old Rails version to the new one. However, after a couple of quick attempts, I decided it’s not worth it because so much has changed, and it’s hard to determine the best migration path. Instead, I just set up a clean new Rails 7 app and transferred ...

May 30, 2014

Tip: Include email in notification message when sending confirmation mails

If you are a web developer and needs to handle user registration the you probably are sending out confirmation emails to users to ensure they’ve entered a valid email. Lots of web sites (and apps) are showing a message saying “We’ve send you a confirmation mail. Please check your mailbox”. Tip of the day is this - make sure to include the actual email in that notification message. In case a user actually entered a wrong email he will notice immediately and doesn’t need to refresh his email ...

Oct 27, 2013

Tweak AppCode font aliasing on your mac

If you can’t use your beloved Monaco font in AppCode because it has gained weight and simply looks too bold, you might want to trim your anti-aliasing settings. Try running this in your terminal $ defaults write com.jetbrains.AppCode.plist AppleFontSmoothing -int 1 You might tweak it even more by using different values for -int 1 e.g. 0, 2 or 3. I’m not changing the system wide font smoothing setting, but only the one for AppCode.

Dec 16, 2012

How to slice a PSD for use with iPhone & iPad

If you are designer doing iOS interfaces and want to help your developer, these guidelines are for you. Slice both a regular and Retina version. Retina files are postfixed with “@2x.png” (for “two times”) e.g. “account.png” vs “account@2x.png” Retina files must be placed in same folder as its non-retina brother Retina dimensions must be dividable with 2 e.g. 25x13 is not a valid retina dimension but 26x14 is fine All files should be of type PNG (24bit if necessary) Background files might be...

Jan 06, 2011

Send your weight from an iPhone through SMS

While working on lifestyleapps I have been asked a couple of times, if it would be possible to report your weight by sending an SMS from your phone. This is already possible and I have been using it from my iPhone 3G for a long time. The trick is to associate your Twitter account to your lifestyleapps account and set up your Twitter to accept SMS. In order to report your weight you need to follow @reporting which is the lifestyleapps Twitter account and by following this (and it will follow ...

Nov 18, 2010

UIModalPresentationFormSheet width and height for an iPad in landscape mode

In a recent application I was doing, I was designing an interface to be shown as a modal form sheet using setModalPresentationStyle:UIModalPresentationFormSheet. I searched the Apple documentation to find the exact dimensions of this sheet but it isn’t documented. It only states “The width and height of the presented view are smaller than those of the screen and the view is centered on the screen. If the device is in a landscape orientation and the keyboard is visible, the position of the vi...

Aug 18, 2010

Marketing tip: Include link to your app in newsletters

I have registered on a lot of sites and opt-in for their newsletter to be notified of updates. One thing bugging me is, when a site sends a great mail in their newsletter but doesn’t include a direct link to their web site. The mail is coming from their domain so it isn’t hard to guess but users are lazy! Since I’m registered on too many sites to visit regularly, I probably do want to visit a site, if it contains exiting updates but I have to admit, that without a direct link, I might not g...

Apr 03, 2009

Tracking coffee intake with touchatag and Lifestyleapps

I have bought a touchatag RFID reader and a couple of touchatag RFID tags and was wondering how I could use these to track my daily intake in lifestyleapps. I noticed a Twitter application already has been developed which post a message from a configured account. Since lifestyleapps already integrate with Twitter it was a simple matter of associating a direct message and prefixing it with “h” or “having” to let lifestyleapps know you are reporting an intake. Many cups of coffee are consu...

Mar 16, 2009

Upgrading Rails Engines Project to Rails 2.3.2

Our lifestyleapps project (still in very early beta) was running Rails 2.2.2 with the Rails Engines plugin ten minutes ago. Today, Rails 2.3.2 was released so I decided to try if I could easily upgrade it and avoid using the Rails Engines plugin anymore. It was beautiful simple and took me less than ten minutes. First, I had to update our Apache Passenger module with a version supporting Rails 2.3 so I did a $ gem update passenger and then run the install to build our apache module $ pas...

Mar 08, 2009

Our blog is live

You’ve found our blog “Command through simplicity”. This blog will post behind-the-scenes information about applications released by Commanigy. We have moved our beta applications Lifestyleapps and Observer to new and faster servers. These applications are almost updated daily so keep an eye on this blog or our Twitter account.